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We are raising Monarch butterflies!

Our caterpillars hatched from tiny eggs.

Milkweed is the only plant
Monarch caterpillars will eat.

Monarch caterpillars have white,
black and yellow stripes.

Everyday our caterpillars eat and eat.
They are getting bigger and bigger!

Soon the caterpillars will climb to
the of the cage and hang upside
down like the letter J.

When the caterpillar sheds its
skin it becomes a beautiful chrysalis!

At first the chrysalis was green
with gold spots.

After ten days we could see the
butterfly's orange and black wings!

This is how our butterfly climbed out!

The new butterfly hangs upside
down to dry its wings.

Our first butterfly is a girl.

She does not have any black
spots on her wings.

We had fun giving our butterflies
names and watching them fly.

We are careful not to hurt them.

Our butterflies like to drink
nectar from flowers.

Before we let them go, we give
each butterfly a small tag with
a special number.

We write all the tag numbers
down and send our list to
the University of Kansas.

We are helping them learn
more about Monarch migration.

It is time to release our Monarch
Butterflies! Bye butterflies! Have fun
in Mexico!

Thank you for visiting our
butterfly page! We hope our class
helped you learn something new
about Monarch butterflies!

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